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Browse through a collection of butterfly tattoos in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

In scientific terminology, tattooing is actually micro-pigment implantation. In layman’s language though, a tattoo is a pattern, or a design made by the insertion of a pigment into the pores of the skin by puncturing it with tremendous care. Tattoos are considered to be a type of body modification.

Tattoos are normally known as ink, tats, work or art among tattoo enthusiasts. Hence, since tattoos are considered to be an art, then tattooists should be considered to be artists. Tattoo designs are, by many people, called “flash”. Tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed through normal means of washing with soap etc. This discipline is gaining appreciation all over the world and many conventional art galleries have now started holding exhibitions of tattoo designs and snaps.

Tattoo designs are often used to mirror the individuality of the person wearing them. Tattoos show optimistic beliefs. They can be embossed on various parts of the body. It generally takes a long time for a person to decide on the perfect tattoo for them, since they have to go through thousands, if not millions of pages, full of a number of designs. Tattoo designs available in the tattoo parlor vary from simple to images that are very complex. Tattoo artists have a variety of designs, other than the ones printed in tattoo design books. Sometimes the person getting the tattoo has his or her own idea and design and just needs a tattoo artist to induce it into their skin.
You can also go through various websites and galleries on the internet, which provide a number of ideas and designs, and try to sell you templates which might be worth taking to your artist. You can also take up membership https://www.veraloan.com in any of the tattoo membership websites. They provide a large number of tattoo designs, most of which are much more attractive than the others that we see outside. Getting a really good tattoo design is a choice quite often made way too lightly and once the choice has been made and the tattoo is applied it's too late to turn back.

Tattoo shading is the art of giving the tattoo certain effects through various shades of the same hue, which transforms the tattoo from a two dimensional one to a three dimensional one. This makes a tattoo something much more special and exclusive for the person wearing it.

Tattoo designs are different for males and females. While males would want something hard and strong, females would normally prefer something delicate and subtle, both relating to their gender and their personalities as well as possible. The different designs that women like are hearts, butterflies, flowers, lettering, etc., most typically on the shoulder, lower back and ankle. Men on the other hand would prefer to place their tattoos on the upper arm, back or chest. Some of them even prefer to go bald and have their entire heads stained.
It is unadvisable to go in for a tattoo if you are physically unfit in any way. It is therefore best to consult your physician before you take any step in that direction.